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Post 1.2 look back

das.stanley82, May 4, 12 10:26 AM.
So here we are, Legacy 1.2! Four of us are Lvl 50 and it is amazing! The legacy system really brings a new face to game progression while making it worthwhile to help others who are still collecting boring ol' exp points as well as creating new characters to add to the in-game family tree. Legacy skills are pretty cool and many are practical while others are socially pleasing but fun. While game time has slowed a bit, hopefully we can get some more members and use this site to it's potential. We should have the guild bank up and running soon which should help tremendously with crafting and such. Flashpoints, Events, and more!

Flashpoint runs on 3/26

das.stanley82, Mar 27, 12 9:29 AM.
This was the first time we ran flashpoints as a real group. The first mission we attempted (strong emphasis) was Colicoid War Game. This is essentially a gallery shooter mission. The four group members go to this Hive Battleground after signing up for this competition, go to a weapons testing area, mount some big a$$ guns and wait for hordes of those buggy aliens to charge them. Sounds awesome right? Well it is. Except for Saihtan, Thadoss, Vrana, and Kilran it didn't go so well. They mounted their guns and spent the first three attempts trying to figure out how the guns fired, this wouldn't be so bad if once one person fell to the swarms of aliens, the rest got stampeded from the now blind spot of gunfire. Each death brought them back to the fleet space station where they had to race back through three loading screens to return to the battleground. Finally having figured out how the mechanics of the shooting went, the group actually made fairly good progress defeating waves of the bugs, always ending with the group buckling like I-94 in the summer as soon as one person fell in battle. After six or seven attempts, two hours, and roughly 25000 creds of equipment repair later, the tattered group decided to try a different mission.
The following mission, Boarding Party, went a heck of a lot better. The group blazed through a starship mowing down republic troopers and droids like grass to a...well, a mower. Tons of loot drops and security chests brought cries of ecstacy over the Red Carrots channel. Thadoss and Saihtan crackled with lightning and the hum of saber arcs. Vrana and Kilran set the air on fire with blaster fire and explosions. IT WAS A FIREFIGHT!!! (Boondock Saints reference, sorry no "Huge f-king guy"/"Serial Crusher"). The band took out maybe five boss characters in this flashpoint, they even went down side tunnels to find bonus stuff hidden in dark crevasses of the ship. It was a lower level flashpoint, but boy did the creds and loot drop like Space Hanukkah...Kwanzaa...Christmas? Okay we'll just call it Easter cuz we all know that fluffy bunny's real! As the bell tolled late, the mission came to an end. Each member went their separate ways, to ships, to fleet, to bed. All with the dreams of all the credits they would receive the next day they logged in, after putting all that loot on the Intergalactic Market.
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